Alexandra Wilson | Poet, Sacred Activist, Minister & Birth/Death Doula


“The only way to really move beyond these feelings is to practice being in a space and place where worthiness, confidence and quality are also irrelevant. This is a place and space accessible right here, right now when we surrender to the reality of what Is and release our attachment to the glamour that we are worthy or unworthy…”

We are honoured and grateful to feature this powerful, honest & intimate entry from the Pilgrim, Poet & Priestess that is Alexandra Wilson. An ordained OneSpirit Interfaith minister, spiritual counsellor, reiki master and teacher, shamanic practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and doula of both birth and death – it’s evident Alexandra feels the world deeply and revels in witnessing & accompanying others across life’s most powerful, vulnerable & beautiful thresholds. Her entry for the theVproject weaves together brutal honesty, ownership & faith, inviting us all to lift the veil & go a little deeper…
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Danielle Connor | Actress / Meditator


“You may not get the outcome you desired, but something does and will happen and the twists and turns are often surprisingly wonderful.”

Our latest courageous spirit is actress and voice over artist Danielle Connor who has spent the better part of 14 years gallivanting around the globe.  Acting has taken her from her native Australia to Ireland’s ancient castles, to London and its Dungeons and rural villages, to New York City where the buzz of film and collaboration titillates, and to the adoring regional theatres of Massachusetts. Her intimate and honest entry for theVproject elaborates on her personal relationship with vulnerability and the almighty shift that awaits us all when we allow ourselves to be deeply curious, creative and connected. Continue reading

Ran Zilca | Research Scientist, Personal Coach & Author


“Knowing your weaknesses makes you resilient not only to the things you can effectively resist, but also to the things you have to flow with…”

Ran Zilca is a research scientist, technology entrepreneur, and certified personal coach, who pioneered the use of mobile devices to deliver programs of positive personal transformation. His research in engineering and psychology has been published in major scientific publications over the past 20+ years, and during the course of his work he developed a step-by-step process of personal transformation. The result was a 6,000 mile solo motorcycle ride across the USA, which he has written about in his new book Ride of Your Life. He joins the courageous conversation for The Vulnerability Project sharing his personal insights about resilience, pressing onwards through fear and the peace that comes with being in flow with life. Continue reading

Kate Reeves | Director / Designer / Mama


“I have recently discovered the thrill of the process. To come together with like minded souls to create work that would otherwise not exist – that’s incredibly empowering.”

Kate “Revz” Reeves is a creative powerhouse whose expertise & offerings are vast, deep and exquisitely original. From writing, directing and designing epic theatrical productions to navigating the online galaxies of social media – she is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, digital illustrator, typographer, stationer, calligrapher, blogger, art director, brand developer, social media expert, small business owner and instagrammer – and not to mention a first time mum to a delicious bundle of daughter.  Kate generously (somehow) found time to contribute to our courageous conversation here at theVproject, graciously sharing her thoughts on hard work, trusting the process and dealing with ‘bad’ reviews… Continue reading

Dr. Itai Ivtzan | Awareness is Freedom


“Fears, difficulties, challenges, pain – all of those non-invited guests in my consciousness – have always provided the best possible platform for my most meaningful and valuable change.”

Dr. Ivtzan is a positive psychologist, a senior lecturer, and the program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL).  Dr Ivtzan’s work is based upon the idea that Awareness Is Freedom. As demonstrated in this punchy, articulate entry for TheVproject, he is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality and believes if we can succeed in introducing them both into our lives, we will all become super-heroes, and gain super-strengths of awareness, courage, resilience, and compassion. Music to our ears! Continue reading

The Eldridge-Rogers Family | Unschooling The Kids

Family portrait

“If I could have changed anything about my life, I would have stopped being so scared. There was absolutely nothing to be scared of, life is perfect.”

In this unique, fun & joyful entry we hear from Lehla & Anthony and their three children; 11 year old twin girls Olive and Amari, and 8 year old son Jahli. Originating from UK/South Africa but currently residing in Italy’s scenic Umbria, this family are writing their own rules when it comes to education.  Their initiative (and soon to be released book) ‘Unschooling The Kids’ discusses a unique approach to learning, anchored in curiosity, creativity, community and playfulness. Courageously treading the path less travelled, we are grateful to share their story and hear their thoughts on vulnerability and courage… Continue reading

Holli & Sara | The Goddess Project


“We all have fears and obstacles that we face but you have to love yourself through it.”

Sara & Holli are the combined divine lady powers behind The Goddess Project. After packing their lives into an old school bus, they spent the summer of 2012 travelling across America in search of courageous women & their stories – all of which has eventuated in a soon to be released feature-length documentary funded by Kickstarter. This mighty duo have cultivated an intricate tapestry of of women’s stories and their project gives voice to the countless everyday women who are committed to transforming themselves and the world around them. For The V Project, Holli & Sara kindly share their insights on the importance of connection, embracing the flashing miracle of our very existence and trusting what we find amongst the darkness… Continue reading

Ebonie Allard | The Entrepreneur Enabler

photo 4-2

“There is something hugely freeing about the thing you fear most happening to you, and surviving.”

Ebonie Allard is a Coach, a Creativity Consultant, an Adventurer, a Yogini and a Tattooed Badass Chick who dedicates her days to helping others move from ARGH!! to AHHH!! Her honest and compelling entry for the V project articulates the importance of leaning into life’s adventurous twists and turns and encourages us to reconnect with the inner wisdom we all carry within… Continue reading

Michaela Cristallo | For The Creators

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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”
~ Picasso

Michaela Cristallo inspires people to live their best creative lives every single day through her website For the Creators where she shares her deepest creative wisdom, insights and get-moving-strategies with creators of all kinds. Michaela works with artists, designers, writers, crafters and a host of other creative types, helping them to show up to the studio, do their best work and find the magic in their art.  Her punchy entry for The V Project invites us to reconnect with our true passion & trust ourselves enough to step through the uncertainty…  Continue reading

Heidi Irvine | Producer, Teacher, Dog Lover & Midnight Dancer


“We must empower our young people to be creative beasts, to take risks and build resilience.”

Heidi Irvine is the Producer of Education and Youth Programs at Australia’s Queensland Theatre Company. As a Drama teacher she has taught in a range of educational settings both in Australia and Japan, with young kiddlywinks through to adults. Her endearing & courageous entry for The V Project really touches on the importance of embracing Vulnerability in the classroom, leading by example with our youth and leaning into the wisdom that comes with age. She also hits beautifully on the importance of ‘finding your people’  – surrounding yourself with those on the same mission as you!  Continue reading

Louise Androlia | Holistic Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Guide


“I don’t see creativity as anything to do with courage, but instead I see it as honouring the call to expand.”

London’s Louise Androlia is a multi-passionate, uber-talented, fierce and fabulous woman whose offerings to the world are hard to define in your average job title. She works as a Holistic Empowerment Coach, Artist, Tarot Reader, Writer, Speaker and general Magic Maker, or in her own words ‘a body shover-in-erer’ – getting you back in your body – working with clients to help reconnect their mind-body and spirit and truly arrive home within themselves. She is on a constant quest to honour her inner weirdo and loves teaching people how to feel their feelings. Her beautiful and thought provoking entry for The Vulnerability Project invites us to truly engage with our direct experience and surrender to the power of perspective… Continue reading

Emily Riggs | The Gratitude Journals

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“Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.”

Emily Riggs is the creative spirit behind The Gratitude Journals – a shared online journal where any Tom, Dick or Harriet can declare & share snippets of what makes them grateful. When she’s not connecting the world through stories of gratitude, Emily can be found with tiny bits of paper writing fairy letters – minuscule & adorable notes & gifts for children from the fairy world. She courageously joins the V project & shares her thoughts on vulnerability, facing the inner doubts & soldiering on through the fear. Continue reading

James Rhodes | Classical Pianist

James Rhodes

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

James Rhodes is a British classical pianist – but not in the pompous tux & tails kind of way – more in a skinny jeans, converse & cigarettes kind of way… and if there’s anyone who can make an epic piece of classical piano really effin’ cool – it’s this dude.  Apart from writing a (soon to be released) book and creating a few TV shows for Channel 4, James sent the internet into a frenzy last April with this courageous and startlingly honest blog entry for the Guardian. James kindly elaborates in this punchy & powerful entry for theVproject… Continue reading

Tom Hunt & Stitch Leggings | Entrepreneur


“We grew up wearing, doing and saying what we wanted. We believe this is how life should be lived.”

sTitch Leggings is a London based fashion company which designs and manufactures leggings for men.  The brainchild of Tom Hunt & his two mates, sTitch Leggings aspires to a day where men can wear what they want as opposed to what they should.  In this unique and practical entry for theVproject, the boys share their insights on the barriers of merging creativity & business and how to remain resilient in the face of uncertainty… Continue reading

Rebecca Campbell | Creative Director & Soul Coach


“The more we connect with our muse, the clearer the communication gets. But if we don’t show up every day our muse will move onto someone else. She’s slutty like that.”

Aussie beach gal turned London city slicker & jet setter, Rebecca is a Creative Director and Soul Coach who combines these skills to help her clients find their authentic path, live bravely and truly work their light. She is a writer, 50% of the lady powers behind,  an award winning advertising Creative AND has blogged her way around the world twice. Her cheeky & energetic entry for The V Project is a true eye and heart opener… Continue reading

Debs & Jamie | Super Mega Action Plus


“The power of vulnerability is that it allows us to be authentic. This is a key component of real connection, whether it’s through creativity or anything else.”

The mega super awesome movie makers & infinitely adaptable human beings Debs & Jamie join the courageous conversation for the V Project…  Continue reading

Jackee Holder | Author, Coach & Interfaith Minister

jackee holder

“Fear is excitement without the breath.”

Jackee Holder is a leadership coach, interfaith minister and published author based in London. Her big-hearted entry for theVproject is articulate, thought-provoking and brimming with a warm wisdom as she dissects the beauty of embracing vulnerability and offers tips for managing the ongoing relationship with the inner critic in all of us… Continue reading

Darby Hudson | Writer & Illustrator


“When something creatively great appears, it feels like it’s not really a surprise – it earned its place long ago – before its creator was born.”

Darby Hudson is a writer and illustrator who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His work is a delectable tapestry of heart-warming poems,  chortle-enducing sketches, charmingly bitter/sweet illustrations & deliciously dark animations. His humble approach to the creative process offers interesting insight into the role of vulnerability. Continue reading

Rev. Dr Moira Laidlaw & her husband John


“It was a whirlwind love match and any thoughts of vulnerability or courage or risking the unknown, were secondary to being together.”

Reverend Dr. Moira Laidlaw is a retired minister of the Uniting Church. Since the beginnings of the internet she has been writing & sharing liturgies online to thousands of ministries around the world. Her husband of 58 years, John, has humbly & gallantly supported her in the unique role of the Minister’s husband.  Their story speaks volumes about the power of vulnerability and courage.  Continue reading

Carrie Brummer | Artist & Educator


“I have to constantly battle my perfectionist nature, especially if I want to grow as an artist.”

Carrie Brummer is an artist, educator, learner and dreamer.  Her big-hearted blog Artist Think, challenges us to find art in the small things and offers inspiration and support to live a more creatively abundant life. Her courageous entry for The V Project offers gentle insight into the life of the ‘creative perfectionist’ and also offers food for thought around why taking risks is so important for growth.  Continue reading